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Bentley merges engineer vision, IT reality

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US engineering software developer Bentley Systems has released a version of its asset performance management (APM) software said to allow users to take full advantage of ‘immersive APM’, where hyper-modelling spatially enables operations and maintenance for interactive inspection of critical assets.

Bentley said AssetWise APM V7.2 also allowed users to view infrastructure items in the context of engineering information conveyed by its i-models, and could initiate actions directly from 2D or 3D representations of an asset.

“What differentiates Bentley’s AssetWise APM V7.2 is the unique capability to interact with the virtual plant and connect asset health data to 2D and 3D models of the plant,” said Alan Kiraly, Bentley senior vice president, server products.

“Bentley users can walk an inspection prior to going to the asset and make better decisions faster.”

AssetWise APM V7.2’s immersive approach to visual operations helped converge the engineer’s mental model of the plant, network, or other asset with its performance and representation in IT systems. The hypermodels in this visual environment could directly link to asset condition indicators, enabling inspection indicator readings to be associated with the visual model, Kiraly said.

The ability to view assets via i-models – conveyors of architectural, engineering, construction, and operations deliverables – provided expanded engineering context in a variety of formats, from design files to specification sheets to corrosion loops, Kiraly said.

Inspection photographs could also be included with assets, indicators, indicator readings, and checksheets. The visual workflow supported both greenfield and brownfield operations, bridging the gap between capex and opex and enabling a sustainable business strategy for operational excellence and safety.

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