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Zacatecas biosphere won’t hit miners, Conanp says

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A planned biosphere reserve in Mexico’s Zacatecas state will not impact mining companies and their respective operations, according to the country’s head of protected natural areas commission (Conanp), Luis Fueyo.

Dispelling claims from mining companies in the state that the biosphere would affect operations and projects located within the reserve, Fueyo said the commission would carry out a 4-6 month study of the area taking into account landowners, mining operations and economic and residential growth projects planned for the area over the next 30-40 years prior to the biosphere being built.

In discussions with the state’s governor Miguel Alonso Reyes, Fueyo offered to personally lead meetings with different mining groups and the mining chamber of Mexico concerned over the biosphere development.

Goldcorp Inc’s Peñasquito gold-silver mine, which produce 403,800oz of gold last year, and Aura Minerals Inc’s Aranzazu copper-gold-silver mine, which produced 6,176t of copper in 2013, are just two of the operations located within the planned reserve. Zacatecas is Mexico’s largest gold, silver, zinc and lead producing state.

The 2.5Mha environmental reserve will cover 34.2% of the state and is part of its sustainable development push. The area hosts monarch butterflies that migrate there from the US and Canada in the summer and fall, whose population is on the decline, according to the Journal of Animal Ecology. Endemic plant species are also found in the area, in addition to endangered animals, a lake and a wetlands area of significant ecological importance.

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