How we operate


We set ambitious goals. Thanks to our approach, the companies that we invest in usually overtake their competitors and become sector leaders on a local and even global scale.

We manage large investments effectively and are flexible enough to succeed with the most unconventional projects. We are interested in growing businesses that have already proved themselves in the market through having a good product or service and skilled management.


We invest predominantly in medium-sized privately owned firms, but our venture capital fund provides equity to smaller firms, too. Post-acquisition, we focus on the company’s long-term growth, providing additional financing where necessary and systematically reinvesting profits.

We play an active role in the development of our portfolio companies through supervisory board representation, without becoming involved in their day-to-day operations. Firms we work with can count on our full support when making key decisions regarding strategy, operational matters and financial planning. We assist them with recruitment for senior positions, to ensure management is of the highest caliber. We also help them with mergers and acquisitions, and prepare companies for public market entry.

Our extensive network of relationships means we are able to provide introductions to the best legal advisers and accountants, as and when required.


We treat every investment individually, adapting the strategy to each company’s long-term investment plans. We know how to build value, create the right structures and motivate managers. We understand entrepreneurs and management teams, and respect their broad expertise. Together we are able to turn developing companies into impeccably organized, dynamic corporations. In most cases we offer management options to the senior managers of firms that decide to work with us.