What we offer


Our experience in the field of Private Equity focuses on Venture Capital, Growth Capital an Mezzanine Finance. We count on our international contact network to find appropriate access to financing for our customers, who are typically active in the field of mining.

We are specialized in M&A particularly in the field of Mining Companies. This sector is experiencing a renaissance, attracting billions of dollars of investment with a resulting high level of M&A activity.


Our focus is the mining sector, where we count on a team of experienced mining experts in the African, American and Australian continents. Searching access to high quality assets is more challenging than ever and requires an ability to work effectively with Governments, communities and local partners.


We are committed to ensure that the mines deliver the highest output at the lowest unit cost using our Company’s proven performance improvement tools. In the Companies that we assist, we create a culture of continuous improvement that ensures sustainability after our engagement. We have a tight-knit group of experienced industry specialists who are passionate about the industry.

We are committed to providing outstanding companies with the necessary resources to  …